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Our Brise Soleil has been designed for the competent DIY'er to install

Easy to install


Our Brise Soleil has been designed to make installation very straight forward.


It comes supplied in complete canopy sections which fit onto the support brackets with bolts supplied, which are attached to an external wall with heavy duty fixings.

Brise Soleil canopy fixing diagram B
  • Canopies are supplied in complete canopy sections with blades and mullions installed

  • The wall brackets are fixed in place first with the canopies fixed to them

  • Bolts fix through the brackets and into the canopy side mullions

Please take care to look after the components as you put them up and not to scratch them on any rough surfaces. Take your time, follow the basic steps and you will have it up and looking fantastic in no time at all. We suggest it is a 2 person job when fixing the canopies in place

Tools icon logo

Tools you will need...

  • Cordless drill and masonary drill bit

  • Pencil, tape measure and spirit level

  • Socket spanner with socket attachment

  • Two sturdy ladders or a mini platform

  • The correct wall fixings for the material type you are fixing into

(Please see link to Fischer Fixings below).

Fischer Logo

IMPORTANT : it is key that you use the correct fixings to mount the Brise Soleil brackets depending on what material the fixing point is made from. Fischer fixings have designed fixing solutions to meet different substrate needs including wood, metal, brick and concrete. Click the link below to find the correct solution you need and you can also find a local stockist where you can buy these from. They are available from Wickes, Screwfix, B&Q.

Fischer Image

How to fit your Brise Soleil canopy

 Tape measure diagram



  • Find the centre point of the doors/window and make a light pencil mark across the wall above the the top of the door/window frame at the desired height for the canopy.

  • Measure the width of the canopy section and add a couple of milllimeters to allow for installation.

  • Mark these measurements onto the external surface.

  • Fit all brackets to wall using suitable bolts.

Brise Soleil canopy fixing diagram A



  • Offer the cassette up inbetween the brackets and loosely fit using the supplied bolts.

  • You will need to push the bolts back to allow for the next canopy to be slotted into place.

  • Make sure the canopy is supported at this stage.

Brise Soleil canopy fixing diagram C



  • Offer up the second and subsequent canopies and loosely secure.

  • Bolt through with the fixing bolts.

  • If you have the flying design, fit the two ends.

  • Tighten each fixing in turn, checking cassette is straight and level.


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