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It’s your choice… Pick the design style, select the projection size & choose a RAL colour - It’s that EASY!


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Our Design Styles


Our Brise Soleil comes in 3 different design styles.


Brise Soleil is made up of a set of aluminium louvred blades fixed to horizontal or vertical support arms (known as a mullion) and set at a specific angle. Its purpose is to prevent direct sunlight from entering a glazed area while allowing ambient light to flood in. It is fixed to the outside of a building and will enhance the aesthetics of any house as an architectural feature.


Standard Design

Our standard design Brise Soleil consists of aluminium louvred blades fixed to horizontal support arms to create a horizontally mounted canopy.


Flying Design

We call this version the flying design Brise Soleil as the aluminium louvred blades continue past the end mullions, so it looks like it's flying.


Vertical Design

Our vertical design Brise Soleil consists of aluminium louvred blades fixed to a vertical mullion to create shade/privacy down a glazed window.

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Bespoke Design Service


Are you looking for something a bit different?


If you have a request for Brise Soleil that doesn't fit our standard designs, we are able to offer a more bespoke design service. It may be that an architect has specified a certain style of Brise Soleil to give impact to a property or you require it to fit a certain shape, projection or angle.

Choose the correct projection


We supply our Brise Soleil in 2 projection sizes based on the height of your doors and windows. If the height is up to 2.1 metres, we will supply the canopy with a projection of 800mm. Heights over 2.1 metres will require a projection of 1m to give you the optimum shade.

If you require a more bespoke solution where the projection needs to be more than 1m, we can design a one-off system to fulfill your design needs.

Door Sizes

Up to 2.1 metres - the projection will be 800mm with five 145mm elliptical blades.

Over 2.1 metres - the projection will be 1m with six 145mm elliptical blades.


What is solar gain?


This refers to the heat and light energy that a building receives passively from the sun. Designing a building so that the rooms that are used most during the day face south means they will get light and heat from the sun. Brise soleil is an architectural feature of a building that reduces heat gain within the building by deflecting sunlight.

What surface are you fixing to?

Our one-piece heavy duty bracket can either be fixed to the structure before render or cladding is applied (generally the case on a new build) or in the case of retro fitting to existing buildings, can be fixed to the external finish. The bracket is powder coated to match the canopy system.

Brise Soleil Bracket Drawing

The bracket can be produced in different lengths to allow for installation behind cladding.

RAL Colour Guide


Our aluminium Brise Soleil is powder coated to protect it from the elements


The paint comes in many colours and is called a RAL colour. To choose your colour accurately and to get more precise idea of what the colour looks like, it is advised that you obtain a printed RAL-colour chart from your local decorators merchant. If you are matching the colour to exisiting doors or windows, you can ask the supplier for a RAL colour to get a match.

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What is powder coating?


Powder coating is a dry finishing process that creates a high-quality, durable coating.


Used as a protective and decorative finish, it is available in a standard range of colours. Powder coating is found on thousands of products you come in contact with each day and provides a more durable finish than liquid paints can offer, while still providing an attractive finish.  


Powder coated products are more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions and in turn, this reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues.


It's tough, it looks great and it lasts a long, long time and is also an environmentally friendly solution.


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