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Our Brise Soleil products are designed & manufactured in the UK from aluminium profiles.

Bespoke Design Service


Do you have a need for a Brise Soleil system that needs to be designed to fit a certain shape, a specific angle, a longer projection or follow a design that an architect has proposed on a set of drawings?


We can work with your designs to make your Brise Soleil a reality and offer our professional advice to make sure that the end result works with not only the buildings aesthetics, but also is designed in a way that ensures it works with the buildings structure. 


We work with builders, developers and architects to make sure the correct components are in place at the build stage to enable the Brise Soleil to .


Custom mullion design service

We can design custom mullion arms to compliment your Brise Soleil


Different size blade profiles

We have a selection of aluminium blade sizes from 100mm to 145mm


Inner and outer corner profiles 


Our corner profiles are hand made in aluminium and powder coated


CAD drawings for laser cutting


We produce in-house detailed CAD drawings ready for laser cutting


‘We can assist in developing your Brise Soleil vision using our knowledge and expertise’

Completed projects


Corner vertical brise soleil for a contemporary extension in Cambridge


Bespoke Brise Soleil system between two wings on a new property


Birds Beak Brise Soleil system designed to follow the slope of the roof


Commercial Fitting service


We have a team of professional commercial fitters to make sure the job is fitted correctly


Our team of fitters can travel to your destination and provide a professional fitting service. 


For our more bespoke systems this will be an advantage and will mean that the system can be fitted more quickly and accurately saving delays on-site.


The only thing we ask for is the correct facilities are in-place when they come to fit to enable them to access the right level. i.e scaffolding, a scissor lift etc. 


Please Quote me...

Use our Bespoke Quotation Form to enable us to make your solar shade solution become a reality and stop solar gain.

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